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Renaissance Consignment & Marketplace offers a variety of Special Services to provide the ultimate one-stop shopping experience.


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Kathy McMahon-Owner and Entrepreneur: With a degree in Interior Design and over 25 years of experience starting and running many businesses, Kathy brings a multi-talented blend of gifts to the table. She is the workhorse behind everything we do at Renaissance and a strong believer in consigning. She loves reclaiming other’s discards and generating new ideas in expanding the consignment market. Each day dawns with a fresh idea from Kathy who is always full of endless energy!





Jane Ann Mueller-General Manager: Jane Ann, a proud Kentucky native and UK alumna, oversees all the day-to-day operations of the store and keeps Renaissance humming smoothly along so you can receive the outstanding service and inventory you’ve grown to expect. She has a rich background in fashion accessories as a regional sale representative, managing accounts with Neiman Marcus, Saks, Nordstrom and Bloomingdales. Jane Ann enjoys empowering people to realize their potential and celebrates when a shopper finds just the right element to complement their wardrobe.



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Katie Myers-Marketing Director & Assistant Manager
: If you see one of our ads or follow us on Facebook, then you know a portion of what Katie’s responsibilities include. In addition to handling the lion’s share of our social media, Katie interfaces with many of the day-to-day operations of Renaissance including managing customers’ accounts. She always has a smile on her face and a kind voice on the other end of the phone.


 Shelia HeadshotShelia Wren-Assistant Manager: Shelia manages the intake department at Renaissance and is responsible for the quality control of all clothing. She assures the shopper that we receive the highest quality merchandise for the most competitive price. The Intake Department is the engine of the store where Shelia keeps us supplied with the merchandise we enjoy. If you have clothing to consign, Shelia is your contact person. She has been with the store since its founding and is also responsible for many of the day-to-day operations of Renaissance.




Tammy P. Heinss, IDS -Visual Merchandising Manager/Buyer: After owning her own decorating and staging business for many years, Tammy is thrilled to be strategically involved in the overall visual merchandising of Renaissance. Creating a space with fresh ideas where people want to spend time is at the heart of what she does. Knowing that customers can find the merchandise they need at Renaissance to create “that” space in their homes is the ultimate satisfaction for her. If you have home furnishings to consign, Tammy is your contact person.





Emily Harrell -Decorator: After years of freelance design work in Tennessee and Alabama-her home state, Emily is excited to bring her love of home to the design team at Renaissance. Whether welcoming you into Renaissance or making your home the inviting place you dream it could be, Emily infuses inspiring design and warmth into every space she creates.



Kaitlyn McMahon-Management Intern: From her love of the outdoors to a simple cup of coffee, Kaitlyn brings her fun loving, hard charging, can-do attitude into all she does. She enjoys learning all aspects of Renaissance, especially the mechanics of what makes a business run from day-to-day and the teamwork involved to make it happen. Kaitlyn is particularly impassioned about product placement and how the right home furnishings make all the difference in the way a home feels.

What our Customers are Saying About Us!

“Renaissance Consignment & Marketplace is a fun place to both shop and consign. I have done both and have had a truly enjoyable experience. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful about finding the item you are looking for whether it is a piece of designer jewelry, handbag, or any other designer item you may be looking for. Everyone is very friendly and helpful which makes it such a pleasurable shopping experience. They carry such a large selection of merchandise. Why pay retail when you may be able to find the same item at Renaissance Consignment and Marketplace for less?”
~Shirley, Hoover

“So I finally made it in today to try on some wedding dresses and I was shocked at how sweet everyone was… Best selling tool is to have people that actually love their job. I tried on about 5 dresses and found my dream one. I love Renaissance and the Gals there. Thank you for making me feel special!”
~Jessica, Grayson Valley

“This store is amazing!”
~Donna, Vestavia

“LOVE this store! Gorgeous merchandise.”
~Cindy, Hoover

“Not your typical consignment store! So happy to have found this place. My daughter couldn’t find a prom dresses anywhere in town. We went here just out of curiosity and WOW Renaissance had more dresses to choose from than any of the stores we had been to. So glad they are nearby, you can be sure I will shop there often.”
~Diane M., Birmingham

“My favorite consignment store ever! I had heard from some many people about this store and until I actually went there and saw with my own two eyes I couldn’t believe that a consignment shop could be so nice. Found a dress there for my sons wedding. Who would have thought!”
~Diane O., Birmingham

“Excellent selection of good quality clothing, shoes, and handbags! Be sure to visit upstairs! The sizes are clearly laid out and organized.”
~April, Birmingham

“Check out Renaissance for all your clothing needs. They have the current styles in casual and work attire. When my son got married, my first stop was Renaissance. Within 30 minutes I had found THE dress. It was absolutely gorgeous for $85. The staff is helpful and the store is neat and well organized so you don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for what you need.”
~Ellen, Birmingham

“LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! This store has hundreds of beautiful dresses to choose from at unbelievable prices. Got mine and so did my mother. Happy Day!”
~Didi, Birmingham


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